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Straight Down the Lens

Interviews that connect with your audience

When conducting video interviews with non-actors, a way to get the best and most authentic results is when people feel comfortable and engaged. But not surprisingly, that's hard to pull off. Plenty of people are camera-shy, new to the experience, or asked to talk about something earnest and personal.

No matter who we are talking to, we've found that a brilliant way to do it is with a set-up that allows the subject to speak comfortably, seeing each other's image. You may have seen this technique being used in shows like "Love on the Spectrum" or " You Can't Ask That".

VoxBox PRO

We use a VoxBox Pro to provide the most comfortable interviews experience to achieve down-the-lens interviews.

Film crews worldwide face the challenges of working onset safely due to the pandemic.

The VoxBox Pro allows a crew to continue shooting broadcast-quality down-the-lens interviews while maintaining a safe distance from everyone on location.


A bonus feature is that the VoxBox Pro also easily converts to a teleprompter for those situations where a script is necessary. Win, win!

Need authentic interviews or a message that speaks directly to your audience?

Ultimately, it is your own decision if you want yourself or your colleagues to address the camera or not. You have to bring the focus back to the purpose of the video that you are looking to produce and ensure you are using a style that will be most effective.

At Clipo, we can help you choose a style that best suits your video needs to make your video as effective as possible. We have the kit to make it all happen! Just get in touch, and we can provide a free quote.

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