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Whether it’s a social campaign, a broadcast spot or a web series, we take projects from the spark of an idea to the finished product.

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A solid video marketing strategy is a vital component in understanding how and why your audience will engage.  


To ensure that every dollar is spent wisely, we obsess over scripting, casting, scheduling, and all the other logistics.


We make sure that every small choice in the edit, sound design, music, colour grading and motion graphics; adds up to something you will be proud to share. 


We take briefs and develop them into tangible concepts, engaging stories and visions that will reach your audience.


We scale our video productions as needed, whether that means two people squeezing in someone’s home for the day or shutting down an entire building. 

Review and Delivery

Using a remote video collaboration platform, we ensure our clients can easily review and sign off on every edit. We make sure the video editing review process is as simple as it can be! 

Here are some things to consider before we get started:

1 / Goals

What do you want your video/s to achieve?

2 / Audience

Who is your target audience and what do you want them to feel/think? Where are your target audience? What platforms are they engaging with and how can you best distribute your content to ensure it reaches them?

3 / Platforms

What are the potential opportunities/limitations within the platforms you plan to target for distribution?

4 / Budget Ballpark

Whether it's 5k or 50k, it's good to know upfront what production level we are working to. It's also good to consider how might you find longevity in your videos by reusing and repurposing.

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