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Collaborating with Aboriginal Elders and Communities

Video production that is culturally sensitive, collaborative and non-linear

The team at Clipo has had the privilege of working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Groups for over 15 years. We feel incredibly grateful for these experiences and are committed to assisting Elders, and the broader Aboriginal community, in telling their stories and sharing their knowledge.

Guiding Principals

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, we have developed guiding principles that underpin our approach when filming and creating work.

• RELATIONSHIPS - Take the time to develop authentic relationships. Be open and listen deeply. Have an open interview process that provides room for genuine responses led by the interviewee.

• TIME – Embrace the concept of Koori time and allow extended time for consultations, meetings and for reviewing and decision-making processes.

• FLEXIBILITY – Build flexibility into every stage of production. Allow for additional pre-production meetings, extended shoot hours, and plan for changes in shoot dates. Have a rough schedule that can be quickly adapted as needed. Think on your feet, be adaptable and plan for change.

• COMMUNICATION - Maintain a good relationship, and trust through ongoing communication with the client and the community.

• COLLABORATION – Be collaborative with each stage of production and be guided by the Elders and community on the best approach.

• CULTURAL SENSITIVITY – Understand that cultural processes may need to occur, such as smoking ceremonies when filming on location.

Ultimately our process is not purely about striving to make a quality video; we also forge authentic relationships, take time to listen and ensure the process is respectful to all involved.

“For Country, for Nation is one of the most significant exhibitions developed by theMemorial in recent times. It is hard for non-Indigenous Australians to imagine the world as Indigenous Australians saw it, but we must.”

Australian War MemorialDirector, Dr Brendan Nelson

“I’ve worked with Clipo on several projects, particularly for the FirstPeoples exhibition, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum. They are always committed, passionate and consistently create excellent results.”

Genevieve Grieves, Former Lead Curator, First Peoples exhibition, Melbourne Museum

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