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Location. Location. Location

Choosing the perfect location for your video interview

A perfect location for a successful video interview can enhance the quality of your videos. Location choice is, in fact, an essential element that can often get overlooked. We have put together a few questions that can help clients choose a suitable interview location.

What is your background?

Nothing looks less professional than a messy or distracting background. Think about what you want to say with your video or brand. Perhaps you want something rich with texture and colour, something slick and solid, or homely and personal. What do you already have access to, or what might need to be budgeted in to purchase or hire?

Having some space between the subject and the background is vital to create depth in the shot rather than a flat-looking image. That is why a larger area (at least 4m x 6m) is recommended, allowing adequate room between your subject and the background.

Clipo videos provide excellent examples of different background choices across a wide variety of content examples.

What is the sound quality of the room or environment you’re filming within?

When it comes to choosing a location for an interview, the room's sound quality is a big deal. Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Doors opening and closing, computer modem, kids playing, planes flying overhead, construction? Are these sounds intermittent or constant? Are they there all the time, or only at certain times of the day? There are always sound elements to consider when shooting outside a studio environment. Loud, disturbing sounds are much harder to edit in the editing process. Whereas constant hum noises can be limited using a noise reduction process during the sound mix. Room choice can also affect the sound quality of a shoot.

A large empty room with high ceilings will create lots of echoes. Think carpet, soft furnishings, off major roads and far away from children. When budget allows, we can provide a pre-production location recce that helps to ensure all these elements are looked at and addressed before the shoot.

What are the lighting conditions?

Having control over the lighting of a room is always an excellent option for shooting video, especially when filming more extended scenes or interviews. If you decide to use the natural light coming from a window, remember that this light source will change over time. The sun moves, clouds move, the light will move. That is why an artificial lighting kit can be a good idea for these setups. Any room that allows you to pull down the blinds and eliminate direct sunlight allows a cinematographer to start from scratch and create a lighting setup that makes the subject look fabulous!


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